Douglas Huck

I'm a software developer. I solve problems.

I like to develop mobile and cloud software that makes the world a little bit better. I like playing with new technologies. I love php's time from idea to product, Java's structure and test units, and JavaScript's accessibility.
Ball Python Genetics Calculator

Ball Python Genetics Calculator

Started as a php script to help do complex punnett squares and turned into the most accurate online ball python genetics calculator. The mobile version is made with flash builder and is available for IOS and Android.

Kitty Rumble App

Kitty Rumble

Started as a silly script to test out a match making and ranking algorithm I thought up. The web version of the project was written in gaps between classes. The mobile version is made with flash builder and is available for free for both IOS and Android.

Garrys Mod

Garry's Mod TTT Server

TTT is a social gamemode for the sandbox game Garry's Mod. Traitors try to eliminate the innocents while the innocents try to eliminate the traitors. The catch is the traitors are out numbered but given the element of surprise because the innocents do no know what players are the traitors. The server was started out after seeing the problems and unutilized potential of other servers running the same gamemode. The server runs off a vps running Ubuntu server. I tweak, customize, and expand the gameplay using lua, a scripting language written in C. You need steam and Garry's Mod for the link to work.

Ball Python Genetics Calculator

Garry's Mod SetPos Exploit Fix

I keep getting asked to fix this issue and I haven't until now because it really shouldn't be the users job to fix a exploit in the physics engine. However, Garry has made it clear he has no intention of fixing the issues. The problem is solved by first making sure the prop is not going to move further then the engine can handle. The default is 500,000 units and that is plenty but close enough to prevent the crash; You can change the number of units in the script. If you find any other exploits get in contact with me. Click the title or icon to download an addon formatted zip, or see the source Here. Also check out the workshop file Here. V1.4.0

Douglas Huck

Douglas Huck

Trying to describe myself seems like a way to get horribly biased opinion, but if I must, I am pretty much the epitome of awesome.

All true jokes aside, I have a sense of humour, I rarely get truly angry, and I prefer to solve problems instead of complaining about them. I like things simple, effective and efficient. My greatest weakness is anticipation; I like to just jump into things.

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